Now available on! “Readings” is an easy way to learn about advertising strategy from thought leaders in the business. It’s a compilation of some of the best thinking in the exciting field of account planning. Beginning with Stanley Pollit’s “How I Started Account Planning,” this great collection includes pieces from John Griffiths, Malcolm Gladwell, Merry Baskin, Paul Feldwick, John Heilleman, and many more.!

Below is a sampling of our recent publications and white papers. Many are downloadable as PDFs. Others are available upon request.

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Qualitative Market Research

“A Cost-Effective Design for Qualitative Research” — A multi-method approach that maximizes flexibility, depth of insight, and efficiency.

“Collage and Metaphor Elicitation” — A powerful technique for going beyond superficial and rationalized responses in qualitative research.

“Tips for Ethnography Observers” — How observers should behave when they participate in an ethnographic interview.

“The Impact of Technology on Qualitative Research” — Five new approaches that weren’t practical even five years ago.

“The Art and Science of Concept Development” — Why qualitative research is ideal for the development new product and service concepts.

“What Qual Does That Quant Can’t” — Five features that make qualitative research superior to quantitative in creating competitive advantage.


Brand Strategy and Planning

“Planning the New Business Pitch: A Practical Guide” — A how-to guide for successful planner participation in ad agency new business.

“The Five Dimensions of Brand Definition in Strategic Brand Planning” — Essential steps every business must take in creating a successful brand.

“Ten Housewives in Des Moines and the Assessment of Logo Design” — Presentation to the Society of Typographic Artists.

“Writing Effective Creative Briefs” — An introduction to writing the kind of briefs that drive great marketing communications.